How to Boost your YouTube Ranking

The power of having youTube videos is undeniable. YouTube is a powerful tool to get your message out to potential customers, and clients. While many YouTube video creators just post videos without much regard to their intended audience, there is certainly a much better way.

The following InfoGraphic give one of the absolute best methods to rank your YouTube video and to make sure your effort in creating a YouTube video is not wasted.

You need to make sure oyu have an appropriate title for your video. The most video love you can give your video is to make sure the title is keyword rich. Keywords are the words actual viewers are searching. You want to make sure the title is descriptive as well as showing what the actual video is about.

You are also given an opportunity to add keywords to your video. Make sure these are laser targeted to your audience.

Another place to help boost your video is in the description. Many video posters to YouTube neglect this important place to further elaborate and give more information about your video. While less is more in some situations, your video description is not one of them. The description not only allows you to post an actual link to your website or product but gives you the opportunity to post your address and phone number.

Probably the best item you can include in your video is a call to action. You want your viewer to do something. Either come to your website for more information, or if you have a brick and mortar business, you would like your customer to call.

The following Info-graphic outlines the best things you can do for your YouTube video. Follow some of the steps involved. Maybe you will not be able to do all at once, but taking these small steps will yield huge dividends.

Sound advice, indeed!

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Business Networking Lunch with iConnectu

Promote your next event with video. Engage, amaze, enlighten, entertain and grab attention with video. Video works!

Video is the absolute best way to grab attention and get people involved.

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Business Lunch with iConnectU

Business Lunch with iConnectU

Best Pizza in Honolulu: Inferno’s Wood Fire Pizza

Inferno's PizzaThis is an example of a video I created created for a local pizzeria.

I wanted to show the benefits of having pizza at this restaurant. There are many features which set this pizzeria apart from other pizza places. Let’s face it there is a lot of pizza available. Some are wonderful pizza places, others are very ordinary. The pizza is hand crafted and cooked in a kiawe wood fired oven.

You need to be able to showcase your business showing the benefits and what sets your business aprt form all other of the same type of businesses. Many businesses feel they need to compete on price. Nothing could be further from the truth.

You need to be valuable to your customers. Give more than expected and you will never disappoint them. Build relationships….these folks will be your most valuable customers.

Inferno’s Pizza is like no other pizza in Hawaii. It is totally hand made with farm fresh ingredients. If you want to have great pizza, you just found it: Inferno’s Wood Fire Pizza

Go to:

Inferno’s Wood Fire Pizza 
1344 Kona Street 
Honolulu, Hawaii 

(808) 781-1200

 Check out their website at: Inferno’s Wood Fire Pizza

Inferno's Wood Fire Pizza

Inferno’s Wood Fire Pizza

Best Huli Chicken in Honolulu, Hawaii

Mean Da Chicken

Mean Da Chicken


Mean Da Chicken makes fresh chicken on a Auahi Street in Honolulu.

This is incredible chicken. Melt in your  mouth chicken. The chicken is soaked in brine. This brine process is what gives this the most amazing taste. This is real authentic Huli style chicken in Honolulu. Simply outstanding!

This is amazing chicken.

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Zuppardi’s Pizza Promo


Zuppardi;s Apizza

Zuppardi;s Apizza


Zuppardi’s is a legendary pizzeria located in West Haven, Connecticut. While not as well known as Pepe’s Pizza or Sally’s

ApizzaZuppardi’s makes incredible pizza, or as they say in New Haven, “Ah-beets”.

This is a family run business. As a matter of fact, when you visit Zuppardi’s you fell like a member of the family. You are treated as a part of a very exclusive club. You are treated as an honored guest.

And the pizza? The pizza coming out of the ovens at Zuppardi’s are simple incredible. The dough is light and airy with a slight crunch. The dough is wonderful and compliments all of the wonderful ingredients. For example the sausage is created in house. All of the sausage is made according to strict family standards. 

The Clam pizza was a true stand out. The clams are fresh and hand shucked to be placed on each pizza.  Zuppardi’s got there start as a bakery. They specialized in making bread. Lori Zuppardi, explained the family grew up over the pizzeria. Everything in this pizzeria is as it was when Lori’s father started making pizza. All of the original ovens are still being used to this day.

Zuppardi’s is an institution,

 This video promo for Zuppardi’s was made to showcae all of the features of this pizzeria.

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Promote Your Event with Internet Video


Promote Everywhere

If you have an upcoming event, promoting with video is one of the best ways to get the word out. You will be able to put your message, your business your event in front of thousands. Easily, quickly and completely. Unlike a television ad or newspaper ad, which is a shot gun approach to marketing, video marketing is laser targeted.

Video works to promote your and your business. It allows your potential customers to find you!

The example above was created to showcase a local food and craft fair. Notice how the video is able to showcase all of the various activities, services and businesses. There are many different ways you are able to promote your event.

You are able to laser target your potential clients and customers. You will allow your customers to find you! That is the extreme power of video marketing.

And the best part? Video will work for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Video can be your own virtual marketing machine!

With Internet video you are able to give all of the important details about your upcoming event such as the location, time, date and the cost. You will not only be able to describe your event but you can also give visual descriptions of your event.

The video promotion can be as simple as a video slide show giving all of the important information. You can also use video to give an actual interview type promotion.  It really does not matter what type of  video promotion method you use. With video you have the opportunity to put your message in front of thousands of potential customers.

If you have a web page, your video can easily be incorporated on your website to give maximum exposure to all of your visitors. If you have a Facebook page you can put the video right on your time line to let all of your Facebook fans know that you have an upcoming project. The use of twitter or other social bookmarking sites is also important.

If you don’t have a website or Facebook page yet, no problem.

The most important notion that you discover the power of Promoting with Internet Video.

You need to get started toady. Now. Remember, if you are not using video to promote your business, service or event, your competition certainly is! Your competition is stealing your customers right from under your nose. If you are not using video, you are leaving lots of money on the table!

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Mean Da Chicken, Huli Style Chicken Honolulu Promo

Mean Da Chicken

Mean Da Chicken, best Huli Chicken in Honolulu, Hawaii


Incredible Huli Chicken Honolulu, Hawaii. Promote your event with Video:If you are searching for great Huli Chicken in Honolulu, Hawaii. This is chicken made with an old family recipe. Total love and compassion goes into making Mean Da Chicken, huli chicken. The best chicken in Honolulu. You can find them at Ward in the parking lot on Saturday mornings.
If you would like a custom video created for your business or website, please contact us here at Hawaii Business Videos. Videos are laser targeted to put your message in front of all your potential customers. Your customers are looking for you but they are not able to find you.

Your customers are ready to purchase servies from you but they are unable to find you. Video will make you visible in ways you never imagined. Video works. And this method of promotion will work for you.

This is an example of a slide show video created by Hawaii Business Videos. This type of video will work to put your business or promotion in front of thousands of potential new customers.


Seafood Festival, Promote Events With Video


fish in honolulu

The Honolulu Seafood Festival has turned into quite a major event.
Initially starting out as a way for the members of the fishing community of Honolulu to give back to the Community, it has grown with each passing year.

The event is held on Pier 38 on the working docks of Honolulu. These are the same docks where many of the fishing boats of the Honolulu Fishing fleet unload their catch. You can show up at 5:30 AM and watch the actual fish auction. Here is where the major fish buyers will show up hoping to get the freshest fish to sell to their customers. You will find fishmongers searching for the best prices and the best prices of local fish.

There may even be some buyers form Japan as well as the West Coast hoping to discover bargains for their own clients. Watch carefully as these fish professional have their own language and set of rules. This is the only fish auction of its kind in not only Hawaii but the entire area between the East Coast of the United States, and Japan.

This is a fair way for fisherman to be able to get a fair price for their catch. The price of the auction depends on the quality of the fish. The highest quality of fish will get the absolute best price.

The incredible hing is that each fish is usually auctioned off individually. These buyers are very interested in getting the absolute best quality of fish. You can find a very detailed explanation of the Honolulu Fish Auction at this link.

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Metro Pizza Las Vegas Promo Video

Metro Pizza

Metro Pizza


Cousins John Arena and Sam Facchini opened a pizzeria in Las Vegas. They started their pizzeria in 1980. They have changed the entire pizza landscape of Las Vegas.


John’s pizzeria philosophy:

“…We believe that a true Pizzeria should be a gathering place for family and friends to relax, share great food and enjoy each other’s company. We have visited hundreds of Pizzerias across the country, learning and gathering recipes to bring our guests a taste of home, wherever home might be….”



Mele Kalikimaka from Hawaii Business Videos

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Mele Kalikimaka 
Happy Holidays from Hawaii Business Videos
Promote your business, event, product or website with videos. Videos will work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. An Internet Video can be used to create new customers and continue relationships with current clients.

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Wally Famous Amos Interview on Cookies and Success

Wally Famous Amos and Albert Grande of Hawaii Business Videos

Wally Famous Amos and Albert Grande of Hawaii Business Videos

Wally “Famous Amos” knows cookies. He started making cookies decades ago. He built up his Famous Amos Chocolate cookies into an empire.

According to Wikipedia:

On March 10, 1975, Amos took the advice of some friends and opened a cookie store in Los Angeles, California, naming it “Famous Amos”. In the first year he sold $300,000 worth of cookies, followed by more than $1,000,000 in sales in the store’s second year of operation.

The store proved so popular that the “Famous Amos” brand eventually branched out to sell cookies in supermarkets, a move that would later be emulated by other specialty stores such as Baskin-RobbinsT.G.I. Fridays, and Starbucks.


In the following interview Wally Amos, discusses his newest cookie: Wamos Cookies (

Wally jokes that since Oprah, and Prince, have single names, he is going by a single name as well: Wamos.

In the following discussion he talks about the release of his brand new cookie which uses the same tried and true recipe as his original cookie. Since no one is making the cookie any more he decided to bring it back. It does not matter, he states what the name of the cookie is. What does matter is the taste of the cookie. That is what is important.

Amos also talks about the most important thing for success. The secret of success is to never give up. The road will become rough at times but if you stay with it, things will work themselves out.

This interview was conducted at Eat the Street. Wally Amos understands the importance of video promotion.

On-line video is a way to get out your message in a cost effective way to promote your product, website, business or event.

Video is immediate and extremely effective.

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Video for Honolulu Auto Body Repair Shop, J and D Auto Body

Video for Auto Body Repair Shop in Honolulu

The following video was created for J and D Auto Body, 283 Kalihi Street, Honolulu, Hawaii.

This video was created using a slide show as well a a stop action method. The slides were created to showcase the business.

The business is a family owned an operated operation. They have been in the same  location for for 42 years. There is a lot of stability to this auto body repair shop.

After a discussion with the owner there were a number of key features I wanted do bring out. The most important was their unique services they offer. What makes them different and what makes them special.

The services that were offered were important. The fact that they offer free estimates as well as senior citizen  and military discounts was an important feature. Friendly, personable service was also important. Being able to guarantee all of their work was another important benefit to their customers.

Every reputable body shop needs to be able to work with insurance companies. This is a must in the auto body business. J and D is able to accept all types of insurance.

Also since Oahu is a fairly large area, being able to offer towing across all of the Island is extremely important. The owner also explained that the shop has “never come across a car they could not work on.

As a matter of fact the business is so well respected, they get referrals from other auto body repair shops.

You can find J and D at this address:

J and D Auto Body
283 Kalihi Street
Honolulu, Hawaii, 96819
Phone: 847-5593

The best part of the visit to the shop was hearing one of my other videos had been bringing in clients for

G.T. Mobile Service.

And that’s the best compliment I could ever hear about making video for small business in  Hawaii.

When it comes to promoting a business, product or event: Video Works!


Honolulu Auto Body Repair

Honolulu Auto Body Repair, J and D Auto Body


If you would like a video created for your business, product or event, please go to our Contact Page, here.