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Albert Grande, Hawaii Business Videos and Hawaii Internet Marketing

Albert Grande, Hawaii Business Videos

My name is Albert Grande, Internet Marketer and consultant. I have been featured in three books, done interviews for radio, television, newspapers and National Magazines. One of my videos has gotten well over 650,000 views. I own operate and update a number of Web properties. I know I can help you with your Internet Marketing.

If you are looking for slick, over-produced videos that cost thousands of dollars to create, you will need to look elsewhere. Our videos are down home videos that will help you and your business.

I create, produce and promote videos for small business. I specialize in Internet Marketing and Internet Videos. Our videos are customized, unique, and will help you brand your business. Videos should educate and inform. Videos make it possible  for your customers  to get to know you and your business.

We also offer website creation, hosting and video creation. Website portfoilo, video samples and testimonials furnished upon request. I am honored to be able to share my Internet knowledge with you to assist your business. While many companies claim to use videos, we allow our videos speak for themselves. Some of our videos have gotten thousands of views.

Feel free to contact me, through our contact page or call me for a personal video consultation.

Albert Grande
600 Queen Street Suite 2406
Honolulu, Hawaii  96813

(808) 781-8000


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