Monthly Archives: July 2012

Learn Auto Body Repair Promo

Learn Auto Body Repair Learn how To Paint, Restore and Complete Body Work for Any Car Here is a video done for an Auto Body Repair Membership site. The video was done as a commercial. The benefits of joining the site were explained. This site boasts thousands of members world wide. […]

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Wood Fired Pizza Oven Promo

The Beast from Inferno’s Wood Fire Pizza The story about “the Beast”, the oven used to cook the pizza at Inferno’s is almost as interesting as the story of the pizza. The Beast came from our old friends at Forno Bravo. This business supplies wood fired pizza oven world wide. […]

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Promo Video for Inferno’s Wood Fire Pizza

Hawaii Video Marketing Works This is an example of a stop action video created for Inferno’s Wood Fire Pizza, located at Ward Center, in Honolulu, Hawaii. The owners were concerned about getting the word to let existing customers know where they were opening up their pizza restaurant. The positive notion about […]

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