Isle Creations Interview

Calvin of Isle Creations discusses his unique spin on food. This interview was recorded at a local Honolulu event called “Eat the Street”.

Calvin was very open and freely shared his food philosophy as well as the unique food offered by his mobile food operation during this video Interview.

Calvin explains he got into the food business from his love of food. His goal is to serve his customers the absolute best food possible. Isle Creations serves food at many different venues around Oahu.

According to Calvin the goal of his business is to::

Bring you ono grindz and refreshing fruit smoothies to Honolulu’s Farmer’s Markets and Special Events!

There are a number of specials that are featured. He offers Yakitori Chicken, a unique blend of spices with a speical method of preparation. He also shares a killer Kalbi Stir fry. This is an incredible mixture of vegetables and short ribs blended together to make an amazing Korean delicacy. He also offers a very local flavored Kim Chee fried rice. The Special for this particular event was the Baked Stuffed Tomato.

Calvin does not have a specific location for his food truck. He attends a number of local events.
You can find out mose about Isle Creations by visiting:
Twitter: @Isle Creations
Facebook: Isle Creations on Facebook

Thanks so much for this great video Calvin. We wish you the absolute best in everything that you do! And we look forward to eating more of your great food.

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