Learn Auto Body Repair Promo

Learn Auto Body Repair

Learn how To Paint, Restore and Complete Body Work for Any Car

Here is a video done for an Auto Body Repair Membership site.

The video was done as a commercial. The benefits of joining the site were explained. This site boasts thousands of members world wide. We decided to assist in their promotion to help build credibility and to become members of their affiliate team.

Auto Body Repair Promo

Auto Body Repair Promo

Let’s face it, going to a body shop can cost hundreds, thousands of dollars. Leran to do it all yourself with simple easy to learn instructions.

Learn Auto Body Repair

Learn the inside tricks, and short cuts to doing car painting, body work and restoration.

This video was scripted using a good description of what the website offers.

The very positive thing about this site is the website promoter / owner. He has comes across as someone who is an expert in his field. He states on his website he has years of experience in working with cars. His name is Tony Bandalos.

There are a number of pictures of restorations he has created. He also offers lots of testimonials of satisfied customers.

Here are some quotes form the actual website:

Can you honestly answer a few short questions?

    • Do You Want The Coolest Ride on The Block?
  • Want to do something custom and crazy to your personal project and make it Stand Out From The Lame Pack (Causing The RUBBER Neck Effect!) to those wannabe punks?
  • Do You Want To Discover How To Completely Customize or Restore Your Street-Rod, Import Racer or Collectible Calssic from your own home garage, or work-space?

Now the very exciting thing about his website is that it uses all of the sales elements. Including an opt-in form. He wants to collect potential customers who may not be ready to buy right now, but who may be interested in buying later.

He also has the social media covered with both a Facebook page as well as a Twitter account. Tony has also learned to use YouTube as a marketing tool.

We give this product two thumbs up. If you are interested in cars at all, this is the website for you.

Go there right now and check it out. Here is the link:

Learn Auto Body Repair


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