Nico’s Pier 38 Interview

Nico’s Interview at Nico’s Pier 38. Nico discusses how Nico’s started, the menu and the specials.

In this exclusive interview Nico discusses the unique philosophy that makes Nico’s so special. If you love fish you will love Nico’s. I love everything on the menu!

The restaurant is located on Pier 39 right near the fish auction. The fish could not be any fresher.

Nico is from France and learned the food business from his family. He specializes in creating unique seafood. The dishes are simple yet delicious. For example the fish and chips will always use local fish.

Another unique feature about Nico’s is the fish market located next door. There are all of the fish served in the restaurant as well as a great blend of local mahi mahi, ono and swordfish.

Here is an exclusive interview done with Nico at the restaurant.

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