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fish in honolulu

The Honolulu Seafood Festival has turned into quite a major event.
Initially starting out as a way for the members of the fishing community of Honolulu to give back to the Community, it has grown with each passing year.

The event is held on Pier 38 on the working docks of Honolulu. These are the same docks where many of the fishing boats of the Honolulu Fishing fleet unload their catch. You can show up at 5:30 AM and watch the actual fish auction. Here is where the major fish buyers will show up hoping to get the freshest fish to sell to their customers. You will find fishmongers searching for the best prices and the best prices of local fish.

There may even be some buyers form Japan as well as the West Coast hoping to discover bargains for their own clients. Watch carefully as these fish professional have their own language and set of rules. This is the only fish auction of its kind in not only Hawaii but the entire area between the East Coast of the United States, and Japan.

This is a fair way for fisherman to be able to get a fair price for their catch. The price of the auction depends on the quality of the fish. The highest quality of fish will get the absolute best price.

The incredible hing is that each fish is usually auctioned off individually. These buyers are very interested in getting the absolute best quality of fish. You can find a very detailed explanation of the Honolulu Fish Auction at this link.

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