SL 2 Delectables: East Meets West in Hawaii

SL2 Delectables offers a wide variety of unique Chinese New Wave Fusion Food. Stephen the master chef takes food he knows and gives it his own unique twist. The interview was done at Eat the Street.

He operates his food operation with passion, by pushing the boundaries of what is possible.  He makes all of his foods with care but at the same time melding together a wide array of different tastes.

His Chinese tacos melds together the East and the West. The traditional idea of what and what is not a taco has been thrown out the window. This is a manapua bun with chicken masala, topped with basil.

Stephen’s bruschetta uses won ton skins with 5 spice. This is topped with onion and tomato, with a little avocado on the top. He has created Kalbi spring rolls. Inside you will find cabbage, secret sauce and other surprises inside.

Stephen states his family has been in the food business for a long time. As a matter of fact, he grew  up in the food business and picked up a number of tricks along the way. The family got out of the business several years ago, and Stephen has decided to carry on the family tradition.

He makes great food for local customers. He wants to cotinue to expand his catering business.

You can discover, SL2 Delectables at:

Facebook: SL2 Delectables

Twitter: SL2 Delectables

Phone: 371-3359

You can also watch Stephen on YouTube:

And be on the look out for Stephen. He really wants to make a believer out of his local customers by pushing the limits to local food.

He believes if it tastes good there is no reason to not try different tastes. He has really won over his fans by combining the foods of different cultures.

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