Wally Famous Amos Interview on Cookies and Success

Wally Famous Amos and Albert Grande of Hawaii Business Videos

Wally Famous Amos and Albert Grande of Hawaii Business Videos

Wally “Famous Amos” knows cookies. He started making cookies decades ago. He built up his Famous Amos Chocolate cookies into an empire.

According to Wikipedia:

On March 10, 1975, Amos took the advice of some friends and opened a cookie store in Los Angeles, California, naming it “Famous Amos”. In the first year he sold $300,000 worth of cookies, followed by more than $1,000,000 in sales in the store’s second year of operation.

The store proved so popular that the “Famous Amos” brand eventually branched out to sell cookies in supermarkets, a move that would later be emulated by other specialty stores such as Baskin-RobbinsT.G.I. Fridays, and Starbucks.


In the following interview Wally Amos, discusses his newest cookie: Wamos Cookies (

Wally jokes that since Oprah, and Prince, have single names, he is going by a single name as well: Wamos.

In the following discussion he talks about the release of his brand new cookie which uses the same tried and true recipe as his original cookie. Since no one is making the cookie any more he decided to bring it back. It does not matter, he states what the name of the cookie is. What does matter is the taste of the cookie. That is what is important.

Amos also talks about the most important thing for success. The secret of success is to never give up. The road will become rough at times but if you stay with it, things will work themselves out.

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