Zuppardi’s Pizza Promo


Zuppardi;s Apizza

Zuppardi;s Apizza


Zuppardi’s is a legendary pizzeria located in West Haven, Connecticut. While not as well known as Pepe’s Pizza or Sally’s

ApizzaZuppardi’s makes incredible pizza, or as they say in New Haven, “Ah-beets”.

This is a family run business. As a matter of fact, when you visit Zuppardi’s you fell like a member of the family. You are treated as a part of a very exclusive club. You are treated as an honored guest.

And the pizza? The pizza coming out of the ovens at Zuppardi’s are simple incredible. The dough is light and airy with a slight crunch. The dough is wonderful and compliments all of the wonderful ingredients. For example the sausage is created in house. All of the sausage is made according to strict family standards. 

The Clam pizza was a true stand out. The clams are fresh and hand shucked to be placed on each pizza.  Zuppardi’s got there start as a bakery. They specialized in making bread. Lori Zuppardi, explained the family grew up over the pizzeria. Everything in this pizzeria is as it was when Lori’s father started making pizza. All of the original ovens are still being used to this day.

Zuppardi’s is an institution,

 This video promo for Zuppardi’s was made to showcae all of the features of this pizzeria.

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